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Finally, business for good is becoming the zeitgeist. It’s clear that business has to change and economies have to become regenerative. But who is taking the lead?
During the first summit in Rome, we co-created with over 500 CEOs from around the world, the B For Good Leaders Declaration which outlined a common North Star, the specific public benefit purposes our network intends to pursue and the CEOs who are leading this new economic system. Now, is the time to act.


We expect +1000 participants and have designed a hybrid event that creates a truly unique experience meeting the diverse interests and preferences of every leader present in Amsterdam.


The program is being carefully crafted by a team of Curators who will challenge, inspire and bring us to action around 6 main tracks. These tracks are the avenues that were selected by the CEOs who gathered in the first Summit, last year in Rome. It is what CEOs highlighted as the most direct paths that we can influence, and that can help us build a new economy.


The main aim at the B for Good Leaders Summit is to meet & connect with the leaders, ideas and business opportunities that will allow you to accelerate your desire to do good and do well, innovating a new regenerative way.
Sir Geoff Mulgan

Professor at University College London

Marit van Egmond


Marcel Fukayama

Co-Founder at Sistema B

Satish Kumar

Peace-pilgrim, life-long activist and former monk

Anuradha Chugh

Chief Executive at Pukka Herbs

Tex Gunning

CEO at LeasePlan

Indy Johar

Mission Co-holder at Dark Matter Labs

Jean Oelwang

President and Trustee at Virgin Unite

Daniela Barone Soares

CEO at Snowball

Giles Hutchings

Chair at Future Fit Leadership Academy


Amsterdam is a city known for its forward thinking people, entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable lifestyle. That is why the place was chosen to host our Next Summit.


We’d love to see you at the B for Good Leaders Summit this year. And we’d also love to make sure we do as little harm to the planet as possible through our journeys getting there.


The very first step in building this Network was the Summit in Rome in 2022, where 650 inspired Leaders met to work on five main themes, which resulted in the signing of a Declaration by all participants.

The interest in the event proves the need to build a more consistent global network of good leaders.

THe B FOR GOOD LEADERS SUMMIT 2022 took place in ROME.

Check out what we did there.

Sir Geoff Mulgan

Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation at University College London

Sir Geoff Mulgan is Professor at University College London, in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy team. He was CEO of Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation from 2011-2019. From 1997-2004 Geoff had roles in UK government including director of the Strategy Unit and head of policy in the Prime Minister’s office. He has been a reporter on BBC TV and radio and was the founder/co-founder of many organisations, including Demos, Uprising, the Social Innovation Exchange and Action for Happiness. He has worked with over 50 governments worldwide, the European Commission and the UN. He has a PhD in telecommunications, was visiting professor at LSE and Melbourne University, and senior visiting scholar at Harvard. Books include ‘The Art of Public Strategy’ (OUP), ‘Good and Bad Power’ (Penguin), ‘Big Mind: how collective intelligence can change our world’ (Princeton UP) and ‘Social innovation’ (Policy Press). His latest books are ‘Another World is Possible: How to Reignite Social and Political Imagination’ was published by Hurst Publishers in 2022 and ‘Prophets at a Tangent: how art shapes social imagination’.

Marit van Egmond

CEO Albert Heijn at Ahold Delhaize

She is a leader with a strong commercial and customer focus. Her strategic talent and her eye for finance come to show in her proven track record in realizing profitable growth and setting up a customer-driven organization. She loves to innovate and try new things, learn and experiment. Most of all she is passionate about improving the quality of food, and life, at every plate in the homes of millions of customers by improving and focusing on health, sustainability and all the ingredients of a product. Marit always sees things from the customer point of view, backed up by the right data and facts. By being creative and using her skills to make complex subjects understandable she can win people over and successfully implement new strategies. All with the same goal: Together we make better eating the easy choice. For everyone.

Marcel Fukayama

Co-Founder, Sistema B

Marcel Fukayama is involved with different initiatives to use business as a force for good. He is the co-founder of Sistema B Brazil. He is major in business administration with an MBA. He is also Masters in Public Administration at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Satish Kumar

Peace-pilgrim, life-long activist and former monk

Satish Kumar is the Founder of Schumacher College in the United Kingdom. He was Editor of Resurgence magazine for 40 years. This magazine was described by the Guardian newspaper as “the artistic and spiritual flagship of the Green Movement”. A former Jain monk, Satish Kumar went on an international pilgrimage for peace. He, with a friend, walked 8000 miles from New Delhi to Moscow, Paris, London and Washington. Along the way he met Bertrand Russell and Martin Luther King. Satish is the author of ten books including his autobiography, No Destination. Other books include Elegant Simplicity, Soil, Soul, Society and Radical Love. Satish is a lifelong activist in the cause of environmental sustainability, social justice and world peace. He is the recipient of Goi Peace Prize 2022.

Anuradha Chugh

CEO, Pukka Herbs 

Anuradha is the CEO of Pukka Herbs, a pioneering BCorp on a mission to nurture healthier, happier lives through powerful organic herbs.

Anuradha has over 26 years’ experience in the Consumer-Packaged Goods industry, holding positions in values-led progressive businesses like Ben & Jerry’s as Managing Director Europe, as well as in some of Unilever’s flagship brands like Dove & Lipton. She has demonstrated that she can lead businesses to thrive, being an empathetic leader who can navigate complex and competing needs and create value that is long lasting and impact driven.

Anuradha firmly believes that businesses can – and should – tackle climate change, address inequality, and be a force for good in society. She actively uses her influence to inspire other businesses on their corporate-societal journey. She is an advisor for a start-up digital agency and a Non-Executive Director for charity organization that aims to develop compassionate, purposeful leaders by working with women seeking asylum and refuge in the UK.

Daniela Barone Soares

CEO, Snowball

Daniela is the CEO of Snowball, a diversified investment fund that creates positive outcomes for people and planet whilst generating competitive financial returns. She is also a non-executive director at InterContinental Hotels Group Plc and a trustee of the Institute for the Future of Work.

She has received various accolades, including: one of the “top 100 women in engineering” (Financial Times-2019), one of “20 People who are Changing Brazil and the World for the Better” (IstoÉ Dinheiro-2017) and one of “100 people who make Britain a better place” (Independent on Sunday-2008). Daniela holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSc in Economics from Unicamp, Brazil.


Become a leader

We would love for you to join the B for Good Leaders Network.

If you are a Founder, Partner, CEO or Board Member and committed to the new economy and eager to increase the positive impact of your business in society and/or the planet you can join our community.

In order to help us build the global network we ask every Leader to sponsor us a membership fee of €300per year.

By becoming a member of the community you will be able to attend the B For Good Leaders Dialogues Series monthly in which we bring inspiration, useful insights and connections around the key themes with like-minded leaders and unconventional speakers creating an inspiring, safe space to learn and take action.

As a Leader you will be invited to the Annual Summit and there, you will have access to the Leaders Lounge and many other special offers that we’re preparing for the next Summit edition.


Our present economic system is flawed. It is guided by a short-term vision that only takes the interests of a limited number of stakeholders into account and is deaf to the call of future generations.

The annual B for Good Leaders Summit exists to accelerate the transition towards a regenerative economy creating the conditions for a shared, durable prosperity. This will create social, environmental, and economic net positive value through a new model of regenerative leadership.

As inhabitants of planet Earth, we take up this intergenerational call which demands to reframe the very meaning of leadership.

To enable this evolution, as B For Good Leaders, we commit to:

1. embrace radical interdependence, the fundamental principle governing life on Earth, as the golden rule for decision-making, leading to a regenerative impact;

2. consider at least the next generation of humans in every business decision;

3. measure what matters to integrate systemic value creation into our definition of profit;

4. challenge extractive economic models and take a stand for the common good;

5. mobilize finance as a catalyst to transform the business perspective from short-termism to long-term shared value creation.

We commit to guiding our companies and organizations to embrace a purpose-driven model that creates value for all.

Through this joint leadership statement, we lay the foundation for collective actions and alliances, clearing the path for a new regenerative economy.


MAY 11 & 12, 2023

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