We unite business leaders who are truly dedicated to collectively shifting markets, paradigms and behavior for a better world.

Over the coming 5 years we will build a strong network of 30,000 + entrepreneurial leaders from different regions for massive transformation. These leaders will form the ‘B for Good’ Leaders Network. Together they will meet, inspire each other, and act to build solutions for challenges like climate change, inequality and shortage of food.

Our first step in building this Network was the Summit in Rome in 2022, where 750 committed Leaders met to work on five main themes, which resulted in the signing of a Declaration by all participants.

We are driven by the success of the B movement: B Corps, Benefit Corporations, aspiring B Corps, B Investors, B Academics, B Lawyers, some 20,000 leaders in 84 countries, a movement we co-founded in Europe 10 years ago, as well as other networks we have co-initiated since 1993. Around this ecosystem there are others who are inspired to transform and whom we are inviting to join.


An innovative initiative calls for a driven team.

We have strategic partners to make our vision a reality and increase our positive impact on the world. Together, we are building a network of a selected group of the most forward thinking entrepreneurs and the highest level of leaders.

We are also working with incredible B Corps and impact-driven organisations that are making our work unique and supporting us to create value to our network of leaders.


Co-founder of B Lab Europe, Founder of Bolesian and expert on putting the SDG’s into practice.

Leen, business economist, became an entrepreneur in 1985 with the first AI company in the Netherlands. Founded 21 companies all over the world with a sustainable mindset. Was Chairman of Social Venture Network Europe. Co-founded B Lab Europe and co-founded B for Good Leaders BV. Writer of 5 best-selling Management Books. Father of 5 and walnut farmer in France.


Co-founder of B Lab Europe, Co-founder of NOW Partners

Palazzi has focused for 30+ years on good Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Economies as the drivers of human progress. Economist by training, Entrepreneur by vocation, ‘Engineer’ by practice and family. Experience in and across business, civil society, philanthropy, public sector, academia globally. Civic (Citizens, Community, ‘Oikos’) is his purpose, entrepreneurship his means.


Member of the Global Board of Directors B Lab

Professional with more than 20 years of experience in different business areas, with focus in business strategy and development, organizational culture, marketing strategy and branding.

My purpose is to enhance the level of consciousness of business, stimulating the transition for a more human based and sustainable model. I am interested in big questions of our time and in the creation and management of social movements. I believe in communication as an important tool of transformation.

Act in the intersection between business, organizational culture and branding leveraging organizations to a new level.

Astrid Zevenbergen

Community Manager

Astrid co-founded several companies where her focus always lied on building a superior back-office. Has 25+ years experience in organizing large international events. With a great passion for people she likes to build teams that work on future driven conscious companies.

Daniel truran

Director general at ebbf

20+ years of purpose-driven impact innovation, bringing useful innovation into meaningful organisations who are wanting to adapt and thrive in the complex, fast evolving opportunities offered by this 21st century.

Creating and managing adaptive teams bringing calm, direction and motivation through enabling trust-based environments.

Identifying needs of organisations and connecting them with global networks of inspiring people and ideas that fulfil those needs.

Translating/unravelling complex situations into clear strategic plans,
motivating meaningful protagonism in individuals and teams.

Priyamvada Mehra

Project Manager

Priyamvada is a social worker by education with a multi-faceted background across the development and tech sector.

From campaign coordination at non-profit organizations to corporate social responsibility for multinationals, her experience has only diversified the approach she brings to the table.

She is a strong advocate for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) and intends to create education and policies around the same in the spaces she holds.

She propels organizations to make a shift towards impact-driven work through unified action and evolving behaviors.


International Reseacher Collaborator

Lara holds an MBA in Project Management from IAG – PUC-Rio Business School in addition to a degree in Advertising and Entrepreneurship from PUC-Rio. She received a scholarship to study business administration for one semester in Madrid, Spain, during her undergraduate studies in 2014.

In Brazil, Lara has worked with both large corporations and social entrepreneurs, including Shell, Vale, Sistema B, and the UN Global Compact Brazil Network. She attended the COP26 in Glasgow, UK, as one of the Brazilian Y20 delegates – the G20 young participation group. Lara is also a Chevener Scholar 22/23 been accepted to LSE, Sussex University and Schumacher College.

She is currently a German Chancellor Fellow at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation conducting research on Climate Governance at the Giessen University under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stefan Peters.

Svetlana Vylkova

Project Manager

Svetlana is a dynamic force, blending an entrepreneurial mindset with a powerful business acumen and top-tier leadership qualities. 
As the co-founder and leader of an organisation that spearheaded sustainable development in the Netherlands, Svetlana has demonstrated her ability to drive projects and events that deliver measurable impact. She has been recognized as an SDG Voice The Netherlands and invited to speak at events across the country. She has also been chosen as a Youth Delegate for several high-profile summits, such as COP26, COY17 and the EU Green Deal, representing the voices of young people and championing their leadership on a global stage.
As a One Young World Ambassador, Svetlana is part of a global network of exceptional young leaders who are making a positive impact in every sector and country. She was selected as the Coordinating Ambassador for 12 European countries, showcasing her ability to collaborate and lead across borders.
Svetlana’s unwavering passion for organisations with purpose has led her to become an accomplished marketer with expertise in content marketing, branding, and community management and a proven track record in business development and strategy.


Founder & CEO, Paper on the Rocks

Anne Pleun van Eijsden is the founder of Paper on the Rocks, a scaleup that creates a forest friendly paper industry by scaling tree-free paper alternatives. They primarily do so by making sustainable notebooks. With a diverse background in History, International Law and Marketing, Anne Pleun knew from a young age that she wanted to become an entrepreneur and build a company that would change an industry for the better.


Become a leader

We would love for you to join the B for Good Leaders Network.

If you are a Founder, Partner, CEO or Board Member and committed to the new economy and eager to increase the positive impact of your business in society and/or the planet you can join our community.

In order to help us build the global network we ask every Leader to sponsor us a membership fee of €300per year.

By becoming a member of the community you will be able to attend the B For Good Leaders Dialogues Series monthly in which we bring inspiration, useful insights and connections around the key themes with like-minded leaders and unconventional speakers creating an inspiring, safe space to learn and take action.

As a Leader you will be invited to the Annual Summit and there, you will have access to the Leaders Lounge and many other special offers that we’re preparing for the next Summit edition.


Our present economic system is flawed. It is guided by a short-term vision that only takes the interests of a limited number of stakeholders into account and is deaf to the call of future generations.

The annual B for Good Leaders Summit exists to accelerate the transition towards a regenerative economy creating the conditions for a shared, durable prosperity. This will create social, environmental, and economic net positive value through a new model of regenerative leadership.

As inhabitants of planet Earth, we take up this intergenerational call which demands to reframe the very meaning of leadership.

To enable this evolution, as B For Good Leaders, we commit to:

1. embrace radical interdependence, the fundamental principle governing life on Earth, as the golden rule for decision-making, leading to a regenerative impact;

2. consider at least the next generation of humans in every business decision;

3. measure what matters to integrate systemic value creation into our definition of profit;

4. challenge extractive economic models and take a stand for the common good;

5. mobilize finance as a catalyst to transform the business perspective from short-termism to long-term shared value creation.

We commit to guiding our companies and organizations to embrace a purpose-driven model that creates value for all.

Through this joint leadership statement, we lay the foundation for collective actions and alliances, clearing the path for a new regenerative economy.


MAY 11 & 12, 2023

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