This is not a conference. We have prepared for you not one but five, beautifully connected experiences, in five ideal locations that will surprise you and be the most enabling setting for the outcomes we aim to reach together.


The main stage during both days, we aim to give a new life and meaning to the Beurs Van Berlage: the former stock exchange of the Netherlands, is the perfect stage for leaders to exchange ideas, actions, celebrations and doing business with each other. This iconic building provides an unparalleled space for you to showcase your company’s commitment to regenerative practices and take your place as a leader in the drive towards a new and sustainable economy.

This is the ideal space to enjoy an incredible diversity of experiences according to what is most useful to you at any given moment: the main hall with the inspirational keynotes, a Jamming Theatre for dynamic presentations and pitches, a Clubhouse for serendipitous encounters, a Deal Room for business meetings, a Press Room for curated interviews and much more.

This iconic building will be filled with the new spirit of doing good business and represents the ideal setting for you to share your vision for the new economy through the regenerative solutions that we are building together.


This beautiful space offers the light, possibilities to have you connect the first evening to the people and ideas that are most useful to you.

The Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky is the perfect setting for the Summit’s opening dinner, offering a unique blend of history, elegance and modernity into the future. This historic hotel, located in the heart of Amsterdam, has the spaciousness and atmosphere that makes it the ideal location for you to network with other like-minded CEOs and create meaningful connections in an exclusive setting.


As you gather to reflect at the end of the first day of the B for Good Leaders Summit and to continue your journey to share practical solutions, we chose the Amsterdam Passenger Terminal as a truly unique and unforgettable experience. With its stunning architecture and expansive views over the water, the Terminal creates a modern, yet elegant setting for a night of dining and meaningful exchanges. The Terminal’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally responsible practices aligns perfectly with your vision for a new economy, making it the ideal venue to celebrate your achievements and connect with more like-minded leaders.

NEMO Science museum

The NEMO Museum in Amsterdam is the perfect venue to bring the B for Good Leaders Summit to a close and transition from inspiration to action. Another iconic building, built by the daring and very human Italian architect Lorenzo Piano, offers a unique and interactive experience for attendees to reflect on their learning and set the stage for their future endeavors.

A highly interactive place to experience science and its applications the NEMO Museum is the ideal setting for a “let’s get to work” evening, where your plans can be put into action with the global diversity of CEOs around you.

The NEMO Museum’s focus on science, technology and sustainability aligns perfectly with your vision for a new economy, making it the perfect venue to end the summit on a high note and begin your journey towards shaping the future of business.


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Our present economic system is flawed. It is guided by a short-term vision that only takes the interests of a limited number of stakeholders into account and is deaf to the call of future generations.

The annual B for Good Leaders Summit exists to accelerate the transition towards a regenerative economy creating the conditions for a shared, durable prosperity. This will create social, environmental, and economic net positive value through a new model of regenerative leadership.

As inhabitants of planet Earth, we take up this intergenerational call which demands to reframe the very meaning of leadership.

To enable this evolution, as B For Good Leaders, we commit to:

1. embrace radical interdependence, the fundamental principle governing life on Earth, as the golden rule for decision-making, leading to a regenerative impact;

2. consider at least the next generation of humans in every business decision;

3. measure what matters to integrate systemic value creation into our definition of profit;

4. challenge extractive economic models and take a stand for the common good;

5. mobilize finance as a catalyst to transform the business perspective from short-termism to long-term shared value creation.

We commit to guiding our companies and organizations to embrace a purpose-driven model that creates value for all.

Through this joint leadership statement, we lay the foundation for collective actions and alliances, clearing the path for a new regenerative economy.