Travel and Lodging

We’d love to see you at the B for Good Leaders Summit the year. And we’d also love to make sure we do as little harm to the planet as possible through our journeys getting there.

As such, and where possible, we’d like to encourage you to seek alternative modes of travel that don’t rely on a plane. Yes, it may take a little longer but it would do significantly less damage while even offering a more pleasant and productive travel experience. Here are some thoughts to consider.

Book with Goodwings and have all your travel emmision removed

The B Corp Certified booking site Goodwings is an all-in-one platform, helping you reach your Net Zero travel goals. They have exclusively opened up for all summit attendees to book with them without a paid membership. All attendees get a 25% membership discount on all Goodwings memberships after the summit.

Book a flight, choose between our hotel tips on, have a meal, and get your full travel emissions automatically calculated and removed through verified CO2 removal projects, at no extra cost!

Sign up to activate your free account – no credit card needed – and find our hotel tips. Your free account is valid until July 1, 2022, and will end automatically.

Travel by train

The best option is to travel by train. Energy efficient and comfortable. Not to mention a great opportunity to work while traveling and enjoy the side benefit of doing some sightseeing on the way to rome., and offer tickets for trains to Rome from right across Europe.

Travel by car

Again, driving isn’t great for the planet, but it’s significantly better than flying. If you are traveling by car, do consider halving your carbon footprint by sharing the journey with a fellow Summit attendee. Or use one of the more popular car pooling apps to find someone heading the same way that you could share your car with: Europe Carpooling or BlaBlaCar.

Travel by plane

No alternative but to fly? The B For Good Leaders Summit will take place in the heart of Rome. If you do decide to traveling by air, both the airports in Rome are good options. Public transport to the city is easily accessible from the airport. Consider off-setting the carbon your journey has used by using one of these offsetting websites to give something back to the planet:

Goodwings will remove all you travel emmissions, incl. flight, hotel and meals. Summit attendees can try it for free.

The NOW Offset Carbon tool is produced by Swiss B Corp, NOW, in partnership with SouthPole.

THE GOLD STANDARD is a website that allows you to choose the kind of project you donate to when offsetting your carbon emission.

Others include: