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Steven Braekeveldt

Bertrand Badré

Managing Partner and Founder at Blue like an Orange Sustainable Capital

Author of the book Can Finance save the World?, born from his belief in regaining control over money to serve common good. As the former World Bank Director for France, Badré certainly is one of the most capable people in the world to speak on using Finance for good.

Roel Beentjes

Managing Director, Been Management Consulting

Roel Beentjes is founder and CEO of Been Management Consulting, a consultancy firm that supports companies in their transformation into better businesses. Guiding systemic change across their ecosystems.

In 2020, Roel embarked on his own transformational journey with his company. The mission for 2024: 100% of client projects have a positive and measurable impact. He looks at this mission as an exciting expedition, that requires courage, creativity, willpower and persistence.

Roel and his team already made major progress and reached an important milestone: becoming a certified B Corp. But first, and foremost, via projects and partnerships to support clients making a positive impact on the ecosystems they operate in. Passionate about helping clients to ‘do business for good’, Roel brings loads of transformation & sustainability experience to the table.

Riccardo Bellini

CEO at Chloé

Bellini is an enlightened corporate executive who spearheaded Chloé’s B Corp certification and is now intent in redefining long-lasting luxury that reveres planet and people.

Former executive VK Brand at Diesel and Marketing Director Prestige at Procter&Gamble.



CEO at Grupo Ageas Portugal

From banking to insurance; from Belgium over Hong Kong, Singapore,Mexico to Portugal; from reading to writing; from breathing to singing; from idea to idea.


Owner at Willows Investments

Stephen is a private investor with interests in impact investing and education. For 30 years he was involved in family-held retail business, C&A. He has been active in strategic investing since 2002 and founded Willows Investments in 2008 with the aim of supporting promising ventures with a social mission. Stephen is Chair of the European Climate Foundation and the Business & Law School Advisory Board of St Mary’s University Twickenham (UK) and serves on the Boards of responsAbility Participations AG (Zurich) and Pymwymic Group BV (Netherlands). Stephen also serves on the Advisory Boards of Auticon (UK), Sutton Trust (UK), and the European Business School (Germany).


Director Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability at Grupo Ageas Portugal

Katrien Buys was born and raised in Belgium, and a mathematician by education at the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven Belgium). This degree led her to start in the insurance industry where she worked in the Belgian entity of the group during several years.
Triggered by a need of exploring the business world beyond its boundaries, a guiding principle that she keeps valid until today, she set off in 2012 to join the Italian operations and have her first international working experience. After a return to Belgium for 2 years, leading a strategic transformation program, she took the bigger opportunity of travelling and moving with her family to Portugal. 

Katrien bridges the gap between her work at Ageas Portugal and impact organizations, creating new business opportunities for positive societal impact. It stands out for being innovative and for always finding ways to cooperate in different areas, creating value both for these organizations and for Ageas Portugal. More importantly, she asks questions regularly, most often “why?” which is the most powerful question to keep you on track and ensure you don’t take anything for granted. Because she works in strategy, innovation and sustainability, she sees her role as bringing people together, having good conversations and co-creating a world of hope for as many people as possible. In the spirit of Ageas Portugal’s mission to deliver emotional and meaningful experiences in people’s lives, there is the vision that, with radical collaboration, we can be a welcome presence in every Portuguese household.

Katrien is the winner of the 2021 MAZE Runner Award.


Founding Partner & COO, UnaTerra

Chiara is a Founding Partner & COO at UnaTerra VC Fund backing European sustainable businesses to become global winners. Focusing on accelerating adoption of proven technologies and creating ecosystems for companies to flourish and have a positive impact in the World. Before entering the world of venture capital investment, Chiara’s corporate career spanned over 20 years in a variety of disciplines and industries. She worked in the FMCG/CPG industry leading teams and organizations to develop and commercialize successful products and solutions across geographies.

Chiara holds a Master’s degree in Statistics & Economics. She brings to the table a unique mix of corporate experience, product development and innovationmanagement skills, entrepreneurial experience, and diverse multi-cultural background. Her life experience, curiosity and passion for humanity led her to becoming an investor and coach.

She loves being the conduit to enable positive impact for people, profits and planet.


Non-Executive Board Member, Chairwoman of Audit Committees

Laurence is a French national born in 1969. After 30 years in Finance and Strategy roles, including 15 as a CFO of international groups such as Sanofi, JCDecaux, and more lately Heineken, she has been concentrating since 2021 on non-Executive roles. Her board appointments as independent director include Solvay in Belgium, Novo Nordisk in Denmark, and Exor in the Netherlands. She is also an investor, advisor and board member in private ventures. She believes sustainability is about caring at the same time and in a balanced manner for people, planet and profitability, and that this is often best done in family and foundation controlled companies, where she as chosen to focus most of her career. Her non-profit activities focus on education – she is a Board member of HEC Paris – and promoting equal opportunities. She is Chevalier in the French order of the Legion d’Honneur.


Co-Founder at Nativa

Coming soon


Chairwoman, DOĞAN Holding

Begüm Doğan Faralyalı received her bachelor’s degree in economics and philosophy from London School of Economics (UK) and earned her MBA degree from Stanford University (USA).

Begüm Doğan Faralyalı became the chairwoman of Doğan Holding in January 2012, which is a publicly traded company with a group of companies in energy, retail, tourism, real estate development, media and industry.

She is on the advisory board of Graduate School of Business at Stanford University. She is the founder and active spokesperson of the “Common Values Movement” in Turkey and a voluntary ambassador for a “Values Driven Society”.


CEO at SPAR Holding

Coming soon


Co-Founder at Nativa

Coming soonEric is a regenerative entrepreneur. Cofounder and Regeneration Officer of Nativa, a catalyst for the scale-up of regenerative business paradigms. Nativa is a design & strategic consulting firm, since 2012 the first Certified B Corp® and Benefit Corporation in Europe. The Natural Step International Chairman 2015-2017. Advisor to the G7. Cofounder and Board Member of the Regenerative Society Foundation and of Assobenefit. Eric leverages first principles design to create regenerative and resilient organisations, advises and coaches leadership in corporations, NGOs, and the public sector to design economic activities that have a positive impact on people and biosphere. Most Valuable Player 2016 of the global B Corp movement for introducing the legal form Società Benefit. The Good Lobby Award recipient 2018. Keynote speaker, Singularity U Faculty member. Stanford, Singularity University, and Bocconi Alumnus. One with Nature.

Christophe Fauconnier

Founder & Chair at Innate Motion

Christophe is a serial B Corp entrepreneur. He has been at the heart of change and transformation of some of the biggest and leading organisations across the world. He is a strong advocate of leadership fueled by empathy to mobilise the best of us. He is a scarcity disruptor and an abundance unlocker. He grew up in South Africa, was trained in organisational psychology and business in Belgium and has worked in all corners of the world. Today he lives in France.

Christophe is also the author of several books like ‘Activist dare to care’ , ‘Creating value people to people’, and soon to be published books with the titles: As you Choose: Purpose is too important to be left unexplored, and Welcome Change: mobilising the best of us . He is a guest lecturer at diverse business schools.

Frank van Gansbeke

Founder & Managing Partner, Goose Creek Ventures

Frank acquired more than 30 years of global senior executive experience within the corporate finance and capital markets fields at Fortis and BNPP. 

At Middlebury College, Frank teached as Executive Scholar in Residence “Sustainable Finance” and “Responsible Investments” (forthcoming) Frank mentors through their entrepreneurial program and acts as faculty advisor to the Student Investment Committee.

Frank also board advises early-stage companies and NGOs on the nexus of sustainable development and fintech. As a pension board trustee, Frank contributes to the sustainable investment transition of their portfolio. At COP26, Frank co-founded the Beyond Bretton Woods initiative, a global think tank reviewing the international financial architecture.


CEO at Resilience Institute Global

Entrepreneur, I like the development phase of new concepts and/or markets. Innovation is a fascinating pillar of the development of people, companies and the world. I feel comfortable with marketing and sales processes. I do my best to inspire and build long term relation with my colleagues and team members. For me, human capital is the key asset of a company. “Knowing yourself” is the starting point of leadership. It helps you to better understand others and lead a company.

Business is wonderful way to discover people, other cultures and the world. Profit is necessary but it should only be the consequence of a real value creation for the Society and each stakeholders of the company.

I focus my time and invest my money only in companies that fit specific values and that are operating at the crossroad of my skills, my experience and my passions.

I have 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate and the real estate sector. I have also worked 5 years in the leisure and hospitality business. I lived in Europe and Asia and worked everywhere except Africa (so far).


Co-Founder, Chairman and MD Capital Markets at South Pole

Christoph joined South Pole in 2007 after 12.5 years with McKinsey & Company, Inc. where he worked as a Senior Expert for Emissions Trading and Electric Power & Natural Gas. At South Pole he is CFO, Chairman of the Board and one of main shareholders.

Christoph holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Karlsruhe University, an MSc in Energy Management & Policy from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and ENSPM, Paris, and a doctoral degree in Economics from Oldenburg University.

Specialties: Clean Tech Investments, Climate Neutral, Offsetting, Voluntary Emission Reduction, VER, Emission Reduction Projects, Corporate Social Responsibility, Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard, VCS, VCU, EU ETS, EU Emission Trading Scheme, Emission Trading, Clean Development Mechanism, CDM, JI, Cerfified Emission Reduction, CER, ERU, VCU, Energy, Electricity, Regulation, Regulatory, Investment, Carbon Funds


Founder CEO Goodness&Co, Co-founder Generation Glasgow, Catalyst for positive change

Isabelle founded Goodness & Co, a platform working with CEOs & leaders to shift purpose into practice. More than ever, companies will need to demonstrate their contribution to society. Only those with a positive impact in society will thrive, chosen by employees, consumers, and investors.

Isabelle is the Author of “PURPOSE LED COMPANIES, how the next generation of leaders can change the world [for real]”.

Enthusiastic change maker, Isabelle empowers leadership teams with heads and hearts to make business a force for good. Former Catalyst at DANONE, Isabelle served the strategic transformation of the company towards ONE Planet ONE Health.

As CHL Consumer Goods Forum Co Chair, Isabelle was nominated The Top 25 Doers & Shakers in purposeful retail demonstrating how the industry can become a purpose driven actor. Isabelle is also the Co-founder of Generation Glasgow, a collective of courageous leaders eager to unlock the barriers to business transformation. Engaged in promoting women in leadership, Isabelle is part of the first tribe of Future Women X from B Corp and Vice President of International Women Forum (IWF AURA) to promote women in governance decision bodies. Time is now for business to be purposeful.

WAYNE Hennessy-Barrett

Founder and CEO at 4G Capital Group

Founder and CEO of 4G Capital, an MSME finance neobank. Created and led scalable distribution systems in emerging markets around the world with extensive experience in corporate governance and risk management. After a distinguished military career, provided intelligence-led consultancy and strategic advice to a number of boards in both the commercial and public sectors. A committed advocate for the transformative power of financial technology for the alleviation of poverty and sustainable development.


CEO at Laudes Foundation

Leslie Johnston launched Laudes Foundation as its first Chief Executive Officer in January 2020, bringing over 20 years of management experience across business and philanthropy. At Laudes Foundation, she is leading the development of its initial vision, strategy and operating model. Previously, she joined C&A Foundation as its first Executive Director in August 2013 where she led the development of the foundation’s strategy to make fashion a force for good. She oversaw a team of over 50 people across eight countries and a grant budget of over EUR 50 million.

Prior to this role, she managed the Swiss-based Argidius and COFRA Foundations, committed to helping enterprising people to help themselves. As the Deputy Director for TechnoServe in West and Southern Africa, she co-managed a $20 million portfolio and a diverse team. She also has top-tier management consulting experience, having worked for McKinsey & Company in DC and South Africa. She holds a Master of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and a double Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy and French from University of California at Berkeley.


Partner, Eshuis Accountants and Advisors and Member of the Prime Global ESG Panel

Mark is a strategy consultant and partner at Eshuis Accountants and Advisors. Within Eshuis, he is the service line leader impact accountancy. From his vocation he wants to realize ‘better business models for a better world’. Mark guides boards and management teams in realizing impact business models. For this he uses the B Corp standard in combination with the SDGs developed by the UN. Together with his colleagues at Eshuis Accountants and Advisers he helps clients to be more successful, so together with their clients they make social and economic impact on the region they work in. With this ambition in mind, the Eshuis team is very proud that they are B Corp certified since July 2022.

Together with Aldo van Duivenboden, project manager at the Conscious Business Lab, Mark is author of the book ‘Better business models for a better world’. This is the first Dutch B Corp workbook. This book is also translated in English and titled: Let’s Use Our Partnership to Create Better Business Models for a Better World”, a B Corp Workbook. Aldo and Mark started a B Corp learning community especially for SME’s. Since 2020 they trained more than 70 companies in how to use the B Corp standard, to create an impact business model. In 2023 Mark will start with his Phd research at Nyenrode Business University titled: ‘The search for tempered radicals in a traditional sector. How accountants can help SME’s to create impact business models?’.


Sounding board on Sustainable Progress, VP Capital

Astrid loves working towards a more sustainable world and believe business can be a force for Good. She’s active in the world of social enterprises, family offices, impact investing networks, ngo’s and corporates wanting to create societal and planetary value. Consultancy domains are CSR, ESG, Impact, Sustainability, Communication and Business Strategy. Active as Consultant, Boardmember for Organizations, Funds and Family Capital towards Impact and Mentor for Social enterprises and Teams on their way to Impact. She gives guest lectures on this topics. She’s active as an Impact Investor.

Astrid is proud of her mentorship at VP Capital, transitioning wealth to impact, at Shaping Impact group and Pywmymic, building the impact investing field, and at Web,Blenders building the social innovation field and her start up social enterprises showing business can be a force for good.

Helle Liautaud

Independent Board member and Impact Investor

Helle focuses her professional energy on the acceleration of regenerative purpose driven business models and stakeholder governance. She has a background as a corporate executive in the technology sector, and prior thereto, she was for many years an entrepreneur and the managing partner of a law firm in Paris.


Owner & CEO at Aboca Group

Massimo Mercati is the Chief Executive Officer of the Aboca Group, he has been involved in commercial distribution, gaining specific experience in this area.
He conceived and managed the Apoteca Natura project from the very beginning, the first network of pharmacies in Italy, Spain and Portugal specialized in listening to and actively guiding people through a path of Conscious Health. Since 2016, the company Apoteca Natura – of which Massimo Mercati is the sole director – has owned 80% of AFAM S.p.A. SB, the company that manages the 21 municipal pharmacies in Florence and of which Massimo Mercati is President.

For several years he has been promoting cultural projects to deepen, with the contribution of scientists, philosophers and artists, the relationship between man and nature and the implications of ecology also in the economic and management fields. Since 2014 he has been personally involved in the Aboca Edizioni publishing house.


Co-Founder & CEA at Ship2B Foundation

Clara believes that making a better world and doing good business go hand in hand. She loves connecting diverse people and organizations and helping them collaborate and explore synergies to generate social impact and business simultaneously. Clara feels privileged to be leading the Foundation she co-founded, Ship2B Foundation and to be surrounded by people who are at the same time smart and kind, professional and fun, ambitious and humble.


Founder at Contrive Group

Coming Soon

THomas NG

Founder & CEO at Genashtim Pte Ltd

Prior to embarking as a social entrepreneur, Thomas had spent 25 years as an international executive with major multinational companies, in Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand.

Not all business, Thomas has been on the Boards and panels of a number NGOs, mostly to do with gainful employment of persons with disabilities (PWD). He has also been on the international speaking circuit in Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and Europe.

Since being certified as a B Corp in 2015, Genashtim has since been listed as Best-for-the-World among B Corps every year since. Genashtim in Malaysia was also hailed as “Best for the World 2021”, making Genashtim probably the first business anywhere with two independently B Corp certified Best-for-the-World companies.

Happily married with 2 adult children, home is Melbourne, Australia for Thomas. However he spends about two thirds of his time travelling.


Founder, ALIA Bank Austria

Johannes is Austrian and has 27 years of experience in corporate banking and general management of financial institutions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, last CEO of a regional bank in Tyrol. He left the classic banking system to become an entrepreneur to make a change – and started the project ALIA – Austria´s first impact bank (in formation). Clean funds for clean investments with positive impact on planet, people and economy. He is convinced, that the financial sector must take a stewardship in this transformation. As owner of a consulting firm, he advises corporates in financial, sustainability and strategic matters and is a promotor of cooperatives in western Austria.



Shaun passionately believes a more Scandinavian approach to life offers a blueprint toward a better world, and has spent the past decade building a sensory brand, Skandinavisk, directly inspired by this region of social and environmental better practice. 

Prior to this, he held leadership positions in branding, advertising and marketing at agencies in four countries, and at McDonald’s as Nordic Marketing Director.

Shaun is a founding member, and Chair of the Supervisory Board, of the B Corp Beauty Coalition, a global collective action initiative of more than 50 B Corps committed to working together to change the beauty industry for good. In 2022 he was the recipient of Denmark’s inaugural ‘ESG Frontrunner’ Award.


Chairwoman, PYMWYMIC

We Liette has been engaged with pioneering organisations since the mid-90’s, being part of think-tanks, co-organising groundbreaking conferences, serving on boards of forward-looking initiatives. She has long served on – and often chaired – boards such as those of the Home Foundation (Netherlands), Social Venture Network (Europe), the Center for Human Emergence (NL) and the Findhorn Foundation (Scotland). Currently, Lisette chairs the board of pioneer impact investor Pymwymic, the coop in which she also invests.

With a background in corporate communications, as an author Lisette addresses topics seldom spoken about, like the life of people who through choice or circumstance don’t have children or the influence of our position in the birth order. These days, she is working on a book about our relationship with money.

A positive reformer, Lisette feels the pull of the future, the standing invitation to open our minds, hearts and will to our highest potential and co-create new systems for the next generations to flourish and thrive in.

Since everything changes with how we see things, her focus is on the practical application of the awareness of the one life that we co-create through the choices we make.

Malin Speace

CEO at Ethos

Malin Lindfors Speace is a serial entrepreneur with +25 years of experience in sustainable business transformation. A pioneer and change-maker that is driven by purpose and passion. Currently, Speace is the founder and CEO of Ethos, Nordics leading management consultancy specializing in sustainability (human rights, labour rights, environmental protection, and anti-corruption). With a focus on the finance industry Ethos deeply understands the necessary interplay between sustainability and long-term business

Speace is engaged in several advisory boards with her expertise and is regularly invited as a
keynote speaker and moderator at highly credited events to share her sustainability


CEO, Us Investment Group

Entrepreneurial, trusted and driven Chief Executive with over 20 years expertise in domestic and international marketplaces in business and banking. Experience in business expansion, strategic sales & marketing, product development, finance, M&A, vendor relations, public relations, human resources and lobby with government. Persuasive leader with proven track record in achieving positive business results by developing strategic business teams, identifying new markets. Proven success with increasing sales and expanding market share and on the other hand controlling expenses. Leadership style is based mainly on connection with people high or low in the organization. Likes complex tasks and enjoys finding creative solutions together..


Immediate past President Danone Asia, Middle East and Africa

Corine is a very passionate, natural leader, strongly committed to people and community development. She has a strong and pleasant personality, using uses her drive and creativity to push results and make a difference to business and environment. With excellent business sense, cross-cultural, interpersonal and relationship skills, Corine has built a strong track-record of growing new ventures and transforming non-performing businesses. She started her career at Unilever, where she led product divisions in Europe, China and Indonesia.


CEO, The Nest Family Office

Els built most of her career in the Americas division of the family business TVH, a global distributor of parts for material, construction and agriculture equipment. Els is driven by a passion for people and their well being. She returned to Belgium and started The Nest family office to increase the scale of impact on human lives even further. The Nest family office focusses on climate change, health and fairness. The Nest supports the improvement in those three areas through the development of a more resilient food system and through the construction and renovation of sustainable real estate.

Els believes a system change needs to happen and that we urgently need to transition towards a regenerative economy. We need to all work together to achieve this.


Founder, BVDV Attorneys & Tax Attorneys

Sjoerd van der Velden is founder of BVDV Attorneys & Tax Attorneys, the first B Corp certified law firm in the Benelux. BVDV supports companies that do or strive to do better business.

Sjoerd believes corporate lawyers can take the lead in supporting change and innovation for a more sustainable future. Positive social and environmental impact with the use of entrepreneurship is more relevant than ever. Sjoerd is passionate about helping clients to ‘do business as a force for good’.

There is an increase in legislation to ensure social, environmental and ecological sustainability, as an attempt to solve problems. However, by use of already existing legal instruments, combined with for example B Corp certification, a lot can already be achieved.There is no need to wait for new laws and regulations or the introduction of new types of legal entities.


Founder & CEO, Expect

Anand is a digital visionary, innovator and successful entrepreneur who understands new products and services, revenue growth, operations and people. He has over 20 years’ experience in management consulting, digital and tech businesses. He built a successful career by consistently delivering value through digital and customer-centricity. Anand loves creating value by reducing complexity in the digital world at both speed x scale.

Prior to founding Brilliant Basics, Anand was one of the youngest Presidents and CEO’s at Interpublic Group (IPG) leading IPG Mediabrands Ventures in EMEA, a global advertising and media conglomerate where he led digital Operations, Innovative Products and Services and M&A. And previous to that he held leadership roles at Sapient (now a part of Publicis), AKQA (now a part of WPP) and Modem Media (now a part of Publicis).

Anand is an active investor, adviser, non exec board director, academia, podcast host and speaker.


Our present economic system is flawed. It is guided by a short-term vision that only takes the interests of a limited number of stakeholders into account and is deaf to the call of future generations.

The annual B for Good Leaders Summit exists to accelerate the transition towards a regenerative economy creating the conditions for a shared, durable prosperity. This will create social, environmental, and economic net positive value through a new model of regenerative leadership.

As inhabitants of planet Earth, we take up this intergenerational call which demands to reframe the very meaning of leadership.

To enable this evolution, as B For Good Leaders, we commit to:

1. embrace radical interdependence, the fundamental principle governing life on Earth, as the golden rule for decision-making, leading to a regenerative impact;

2. consider at least the next generation of humans in every business decision;

3. measure what matters to integrate systemic value creation into our definition of profit;

4. challenge extractive economic models and take a stand for the common good;

5. mobilize finance as a catalyst to transform the business perspective from short-termism to long-term shared value creation.

We commit to guiding our companies and organizations to embrace a purpose-driven model that creates value for all.

Through this joint leadership statement, we lay the foundation for collective actions and alliances, clearing the path for a new regenerative economy.