program outline

program outline

The main aim at the B for Good Leaders Summit is to meet & connect. On site meetings will be actively facilitated at the highest level. A place to passionately share ideas, solutions and examples. To inspire and learn. Don’t expect a standard conference program:

The plenary program consists of short sessions only. No long keynotes, just short and direct conversations on stage between executives, on topics that matter.

The interactive program is built around discussion oriented- and presentation oriented workshops. The first aiming to have topical conversations in an intimate setup. The latter with the aim of sharing knowledge.

The marketplace offers more than enough space for private one-on-one meetings. And shows products that display the range of companies joining forces.

The declaration room is a physical location that is open to all for the whole event. Here we coordinate all the output of the tracks into a final Declaration of the event.


The program of the event will be developed over the coming months by a strong program committee. The program will focus around a number of Main Themes that will be shared will all individual attendees during their meeting with the Concierge Desk. Over the coming months all details of the programs, content, names of break-out leaders, names of plenary members will all be mentioned on this page in order to give you plenty of possibility to tailor the program to your own wishes.

Take the Future into the Present

The Program of the event is being developed by a strong team of people. The whole program will be centered around eight Main Themes.

These Main Themes are:

  • Building a Regenerative Economy
  • Corporate Activism, Collective Intelligence and Coalition Building
  • What does it mean to be or to become a B Corp
  • Leadership in Business for Good Program
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Reshaping the Social Contract
  • Technology for Good and the effect on Democracy
  • Stakeholder Governance, Policy Making & The Law

Every Main Theme will have a curator and will be supported by the plenaries and the break-outs.

The detailed program of the many break-outs will become available over the coming months.