June 16 & 17, 2022 - Rome, Italy

This gathering is the world’s first meeting of C-Suite executives from the ‘business-for-good’ movement. Neverbefore have their founders, owners, board members, CEOs, CFOs, etc, come together in one place.

Entrepeneurs, investors, executives, philanthropists, policy-makers and other influentials are looking forward to a 2,5 day ‘by-invitation only’ encounter to share projects, ventures, innovations, business opportunities and partnerships to advance the regenerative economy we need.

The current situation in Ukraine makes our coming together more relevant than ever: without entrepreneurs pursuing the good of our societies, liberal democracy, human progress and prosperity are at grave risk.
Minister Giovannini, Club of Rome member, is supporting us in inviting Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Separately, we are designing a session at the Vatican on Saturday morning, June 18.

Italy and Rome have been selected as our venue because the country has grown the number of “Societá Benefit” to over 1,500 through Assobenefit’s and Nativa’s efforts, there is a palpable change is in the air with a competent government, a Franco-Italian partnership on climate, a progressive Pope who launched the Covid Commission I have been serving on since 2021, and it remains a historic and beautiful city to visit.

From Saturday to Monday, June 18-20, there will be a Leadership Retreat in Assisi for 50-100 participants.

Many of us in the organising team are deeply involved in B Corps and Benefit Corporations. One of the key summit hosts is NOW Foundation that Walter Link and I co-founded in 2021. Walter has been an owner of a 140-year Euro-Asian industrial holding, B.Grimm Group, before co-founding the first sustainable business alliances across Europe and the Americas in the ‘90s. NOW Foundation owns NOW Partners (www.now.partners), a Certified B Corp and a Benefit Corporation in California, which supports multinationals and family businesses on their evolution towards B Corp certification and, ultimately, regeneration. Our colleagues Randall Zindler and Christophe Fauconnier (B Lab Europe investor and triple B Corp entrepreneur, respectively) at Regenerative Alliance (www.regenerative-alliance.org) will take part, too, representing our close partnership. Regenerative Alliance, co-founded by Benoît Greindl, B Corp entrepreneur and co-initiator of B Lab Switzerland, Randall and I, delivers curated circles, learning experiences, executive roundtables and a ventures’ lab to help us deepen our practice of regenerative leadership and entrepreneurship.

Katie Hill, B Lab Europe’s Management Board Chair, and we, have been reaching out to national B Lab teams to include each one into the summit, offering to invite aspiring B leaders in the process of certification, in order to speed up their entry into the community of ‘business-for-good’ leaders.

The nature of the summit is highly personalistic, the program interactive, the settings as beautiful as only Rome can offer with great art, food and inspiration. It will be more like a 2,5 day sophisticated, purpose-driven and change-making, meeting with friends than a conference. We will be using exquisite locations, such as the Auditorium Parco della Musica , Palazzo Brancaccio , the Italian Parliament, the Vatican, a private home, Luiss Guido Carli University and other similar places, to offer a unique experience.

The evening if June 17th is being planned to coincide with the Club of Rome’s 50th Anniversary, which we are finalising with Sandrine Dixson-Declève, co-President.

To make this non-profit event possible, a fee or sponsorship is payable : Small B (< €1M in sales) = €1,500pp, Medium B (€1M – €50M) = €2,000pp, Large B (>€50M) = €2,500pp for June 16-17, all-in, except travel and lodging, or sponsorship (logo exposure, web-site listing, soft product promotion, market-place participation) at € 5,000 for Small B, €10,000 for Medium B, €15,000 for Large B, including participation fee for invited executives (one or two per company max). For program info, see www.bforgoodleaders.org

Who's coming

Over 370 outstanding leaders have already confirmed to participate in person and 180 are finalising their plans to attend, as per list below.

We will soon close registrations at 600.
  1. Enrico Giovannini (Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure & Mobility, Italian Republic), 
  2. Emmanuelle Wargon (Minister of Housing, French Republic),
  3. Paul Polman (Business leader, campaigner and co-author of “Net Positive”), 
  4. Laurence Debroux (EXOR, Juventus, Novo Nordisk, HEC boards), 
  5. Emmanuel Faber (ISSB & Astanor Ventures), 
  6. Mette Lykke (Too Good To Go), 
  7. Mauro del Barba (MP, Assobenefit & the promoter of the “Societá Benefit”), 
  8. Anuradha Chugh (Pukka Herbs), 
  9. Sir Geoff Mulgan CBE (UCL & Nesta Italia), 
  10. Leslie Johnston (Laudes Foundation), 
  11. Kees Kruithoff (Livekindly), 
  12. Marit van Egmond (Albert Heijn, Ahold Delaize), 
  13. Satish Kumar (Resurgence & The Ecologist Magazine),
  14. Karen Wilson (Impact Management Platform),
  15. Gilbert Ghostine (Firmenich), 
  16. Pauline Bieringa (Triodos Bank Netherlands), 
  17. Peter ter Kulve (Unilever), 
  18. Begum Dogan (Dogan Holding),
  19. Riccardo Bellini (Chloé), 
  20. Maria-Krystyna Duval (Client Earth), 
  21. Jean-Paul Berthomé (Laboratoires Expanscience),
  22. Sandrine Dixson Decléve (Club of Rome), 
  23. Francesc Rubiralta Rubió (CELSA Group), 
  24. Helle Frank Liautaud (B Lab France), 
  25. Vincent Nida (Groupe Rocher), 
  26. Corine Tap (Danone Asia Africa Middle East)
  27. Prof. Colin Mayer (Saïd Business School & The British Academy), 
  28. Bertrand Badré (Blue like an Orange Investment Fund), 
  29. Eric Souberain (Unilever),
  30. Olivier Legrain (IBA Worldwide), 
  31. Angela Cretu (Avon, by video),
  32. Elio Leoni Sceti (The Craftory),
  33. Lars Kolind (Jacob Jensen Holding),
  34. Geraldine Matchett (DSM, by video),
  35. Jeroen Ouwehand (Clifford Chance), 
  36. Davide Bollati (Davines),
  37. Bart Houlahan (B Lab Global), 
  38. Kim Polman (Reboot the Future), 
  39. Bruno Roche (Economics of Mutuality),
  40. Wiktor Schmidt (Net Guru), 
  41. Maria Emilia Correa (Grupo Córpora, Explora & Sistema B), 
  42. Prof. Chris Marquis (University of Cambridge), 
  43. Felicitas von Peter (Active Philanthropy & B Lab Europe), 
  44. Timo Hoogeboom (HAK), 
  45. Chris Trott (UK Embassy),
  46. Domenico Scordari (Naturalis), 
  47. Prof. Stefano Zamagni (Pontifical Academy of Sciences), 
  48. Pedro Tarak (Guayaki & Sistema B),
  49. Robyn O’Brien (rePlant Capital), 
  50. Pawel Nizinski (Goodbrand & Better), 
  51. Vivina Berla Bertolli (Vimine Holding & ex-Sarona Asset Management), 
  52. Jacqui Hocking (VSStory), 
  53. Pierluigi Scordari (Natural is Better), 
  54. James McManus (Earth’s Edge), 
  55. Floris Zevenbergen (B Deals), 
  56. Anne Pleun van Eijsden (Paper on the Rocks), 
  57. Jonas van West (B Deals), 
  58. Alberto Alemanno (The Good Lobby), 
  59. Paul Kloppenborg (Global Cleantech Capital & Progressio Foundation), 
  60. Zeynep Bodur Okyay (Kale Group of Companies), 
  61. Titiaan Palazzi (MYST AI), 
  62. Paolo Braguzzi (B Corps Beauty Coalition), 
  63. Christian Kroll (Ecosia), 
  64. Kim Cramer (BR-ND), 
  65. Andrea Pesce (zeroCO2), 
  66. Valérie Beaulieu (Adecco),
  67. Cornelius Pietzner (Alterra Impact Finance), 
  68. Soledad Lama (Comaco SpA), 
  69. Femke van Loon (Innate Motion), 
  70. Randall Zindler (YPO & Regenerative Alliance), 
  71. Giulia Detomati (InVentoLab, B Women Italy & BCorp School), 
  72. Andrew Davies (B Lab Australia / New Zealand & Darkmade), 
  73. Brenden Keon (Equi Development Group), 
  74. Eric Ezechieli (Nativa), 
  75. Paolo Di Cesare (Nativa), 
  76. Clara Palazzi (JDE Netherlands Young Board),
  77. Daniel Truran (B Lab Europe, EBBF, Impact Hub), 
  78. Walter Link (NOW Partners), 
  79. Maja Groff (Global Challenges Foundation & NOW Partners),
  80. Tom Cummings (NOW Partners), 
  81. Leslie Kapin-Royere (Astanor Ventures)
  82. Hub Waterval (nextview), 
  83. Niki Kauffmann-Schiling (Rituals), 
  84. Francesco Mondora (Mondora), 
  85. Kresse Wesling (Elvis & Kresse), 
  86. Alexander Gunkel (Space4Good), 
  87. Rüdiger Fox (Sympatex Technologies), 
  88. Sarah Evans (Ivey Business School), 
  89. Wojciech Baginski (BLab Market Explorer Poland), 
  90. Maria Paola Chiesi (Chiesi Pharmaceuticals), 
  91. Alessandro Armilotta (AWorld), 
  92. Caroline Seow (B Lab Singapore), 
  93. Fou-Khan Tsang (Alfa Accountants & Advisors), 
  94. Christophe Grobbel (South Pole), 
  95. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim (Carolina University),
  96. Johan Frössling (Dynamis Investment Partners),
  97. Markus Sandmayr (Danone – Bledina), 
  98. Leontine Gast (The Terrace), 
  99. Stephen Brenninkmeyer (European Climate Foundation & Willows Investments), 
  100. Genevieve Hennessy-Barrett (4G Capital Group), 
  101. Wayne Hennessy-Barrett (4G Capital Group), 
  102. Elizabeth Soubelet (Squiz & B Lab France), 
  103. Fabrizio Gavelli (Danone Italy & Greece), 
  104. Majken Rønne (On AG),
  105. Nicolas Soubelet (Squiz),
  106. Emmanuel Gävert (Mondelez),
  107. Philipp Kauffmann (Original Beans),
  108. Nicola Magalini (Lily’s Kitchen),
  109. Klaus-Michael Christensen (Sevenbridge Christensen),
  110. Veronique Misteli (Misteli),
  111. Merijn Dols (Danone),
  112. Alessandro Rossi (Peoplerise),
  113. Harry Hummels (Maastricht University and Goldschmeding Foundation),
  114. Erik Bruun Bindslev (Denmark’s Sovereign Fund),
  115. Fritz Lietsch (Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften),
  116. Angela de Wolff (Conser),
  117. Ernesto Ciorra (ENEL),
  118. Alessia Pappalardo (A. Vogel • Bioforce Spain),
  119. Piercarlo Gera (Symbiotics, Gera & Partners),
  120. Arleen Westerhof (Centre for Economics and Mutuality),
  121. Luigi Grosso (Euro Brand Management, Rudholm Group),
  122. François-Guillaume Eggermont (VBO-FEB),
  123. Jean-Baptiste de Franssu (The Vatican Bank),
  124. María Paz Cigaran Tolmos (Libélula), 
  125. Keith Tuffley (Citi, NEUW Ventures & Global Footprint Network),
  126. Joseph Kenner (Greyston Bakeries),
  127. Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes (Euclid),
  128. Koldo Echebarria Ariznabarreta (ESADE),
  129. Gina Pattison (Soil Heroes),
  130. Andy Middleton (TYF Group),
  131. Laura Roseboom (startgreen Capital),
  132. Volkert Engelsman (Eosta),
  133. Antoine Heuty (Ulula),
  134. Marie de Muizon (Atlas Responsible Investors),
  135. Willem van der Schoot (Havas Lemz),
  136. Marco Fabio Nannini (Impact Hub srl SB),
  137. Gonzalo Undurraga (Explora),
  138. Alexandre Fricker (Opaline),
  139. Andrew Murphy (Coopman Search & Selection),
  140. Mark Fallon (Coopman Search & Selection),
  141. Carlo Hein (Ramborn Cider),
  142. Caroline Renoux (Birdeo),
  143. Thomas Woods (Kennedy Woods),
  144. Nicolas Colloff (Argidius Foundation),
  145. Jochem Hes (Naif Care),
  146. Sjoerd Trompetter (Naif Care),
  147. Annemiek Nusmeijer (Sustainable Recruiter),
  148. Ernest Wennekers (Misteli),
  149. Tim Claassen (Havas Lemz),
  150. Piercarlo Gera (Symbiotics & Gera & Partners),
  151. Laura Rooseboom (Startgreen Capital),
  152. Martin Bunch (Bates Wells),
  153. Siemen Cox (Sustainable City Concepts),
  154. Didier Appels (Close the Gap),
  155. Wouter Staal (Yoghurt Barn),
  156. Kristin Engvig (WIN, Women’s International Networking),
  157. Andrew Watson (Rethinking Capital),
  158. Maria Serena Porcari (Dynamo Foundation, Dynamo Academy),
  159. Jan-Willem Nieuwenhuys (Fair Capital Partners),
  160. Elizabeth Laville (Utopies),
  161. Jordi Diaz (EADA),
  162. Steve Butterworth (Neighbourly),
  163. Vincent Pfammatter (Sigma Legal),
  164. Michael Boschmans (Quest Impact Design Studio),
  165. Christian Møller-Holst (Goodwings),
  166. Toos Hofstede (Viastory Creative Agency),
  167. Luc Wassen (Viastory Creative Agency),
  168. Giles Slinger (Fledgerr & The Hague Tech),
  169. Santiago Iniguez (IE University, EFMD & Headspring boards), 
  170. Martina Pasquini (IE Business School & B Academics),
  171. James Vaccaro (RePattern & NOW Partners),
  172. Jon Alexander (New Citizenship Project),
  173. Boukje Taphoorn (BOL.com),
  174. Michael Brenner (Weleda),
  175. Stefan Siemer (Weleda),
  176. Joey van den Brink (B Lab Europe),
  177. Charlie Macgregor (The Student Hotel),
  178. Hugo Llewelyn (Newcore Capital Management LLP),
  179. Neil Sarkhel (Newcore Capital Management LLP),
  180. Michael Pirson (Fordham Gabelli School of Business),
  181. Lauren Zahringer (Impact Hub),
  182. Gert-Jan Baan (Noaber Foundation & MindSense),
  183. Markus Freiburg (FASE – Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship GmbH),
  184. Felix Oldenburg (bcause, gut.org, KfW Capoital & Alliance Magazine),
  185. Alper Utku (European Leadership University),
  186. Isabelle Grosmaitre (Goodness & Co),
  187. Patrice Schneider (Media Development Investment Fund),
  188. Andrea Valdinoci (World Gotheanum Association),
  189. Hans Reitz (Circ GmbH & The Grameen Creative Lab),
  190. Maria Ida Palmieri (The Grameen Creative Lab),
  191. Ferdinand Grapperhaus Jr. (Physee Technologies),
  192. Helena Leurent (Consumers International),
  193. Johannes Ortner (Alia Bank),
  194. Emanuele Bertoli (Bertrand),
  195. Markus Gilles (Climate Labs GmbH),
  196. Arnoud Raskin (Streetwize),
  197. Patrick van der Meulen (Enie),
  198. Jasper van Brakel (RSF Social Finance),
  199. Marc de Swaan Arons (Institute for Real Growth),
  200. Patrick Filius (Been MC),
  201. Florence Jeantet (Danone),
  202. Jean-Christophe Laugee (InclusEO & B4IG),
  203. Johanna Mair (Hertie School & Stanford University),
  204. Reynir Indahl (Summa Equity),
  205. Corey Lin (B Lab Taiwan),
  206. Laura Gori (Way2Global),
  207. Laurie Spengler (Courageous Capital Advisors),
  208. Luis Amado (Less),
  209. Christian Arno (Pawprint),
  210. Ben Walker (Pawprint),
  211. (Pawprint),
  212. Joost Verhagen (Urban Health Farms),
  213. Carola Carazzone (Assifero),
  214. Thomas Röhrl (BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt),
  215. Chiara Corazza (G20 Empower),
  216. Carlo Giardinetti (Franklin University, Economy of Francesco & Deloitte Switzerland),
  217. Laura Palmeiro (UN Global Compact),
  218. Frank Swinkels (Us Investment Group),
  219. Vicky Saunders (SheO),
  220. Alexis Du Roy de Blicquy (Family Business Network),
  221. Zoé de Spoelberch (Federated Hermes),
  222. Peter Blom (Dutch Central Bank, Commons Capital),
  223. Marilou van Golstein-Brouwers (B Lab Europe & BRAC International Holdings),
  224. Roel Beentjes (Been MC),
  225. David Cabero (BIC Group Europe),
  226. Tatiana de Liedekerke (Imperial College),
  227. Jessi Baker (Provenance),
  228. Cristina Gimenez Thomsen (ESADE),
  229. Jimmy Hill (National College of Ireland),
  230. Sveta Banerjee (Diplomatic World Institute),
  231. Ron van de Ven (i-team Global),
  232. Wim Leereveld (World Benchmarking Alliance),
  233. Eduardo Della Maggiora (Betterfly),
  234. Sofia Santos (Systemic),
  235. Arnoud Raskin (Streetwize),
  236. Marco Caldana (FARAD Group),
  237. Laurent Coulie (Belgium 40s under 40),
  238. Massimo Mercati (Aboca),
  239. Robert Eden (Chateau Maris),
  240. Alba Guzmán (ROSAPARKS, Brands with Purpose),
  241. Ferrán Nogué (Holaluz),
  242. Juan Diego Mujica Filippi (IDRC/UNDP),
  243. Mirjam Penders (Been MC),
  244. Nathalie Guillaume (Danone),
  245. Alexandra Heaven (Danone),
  246. Danone
  247. Danone
  248. Danone
  249. Jacko D’Agnolo (Next2Company),
  250. Caterina Abondio (FEDABO SPA),
  251. Mario Rovirosa (Ferrer),
  252. Amy Clarke (Tribe Impact Capital),
  253. Benoit Doithier (Antica Erboristeria SpA),
  254. Esther Sarsa (Miura Partners),
  255. Bennett Freeman (Bennett Freeman Associates),
  256. Mònica Casabayó (ESADE),
  257. Ferran Nogué (HolaLuz),
  258. Tessa Wernink (The Undercover Activist),
  259. Andrea Licata (Talenteco),
  260. Anissa Vincenti (COFRA),
  261. Sjoerd Luteyn (Refresh Interactions),
  262. Lucy von Sturmer (The Humblebrag),
  263. Giulio Venier (Creatives for Climate),
  264. Lisa Hehenberger (ESADE Center for Social Impact),
  265. Primo Barzoni (Assobenefit),
  266. Esther Raats Coster (Bar Holding),
  267. Bert van Son (Mud Jeans International),
  268. Josine Bakkes (Regenerative Alliance),
  269. Andrea Maggiani (Carbonsink),
  270. Wieteke Dupain (Euclid),
  271. Emanuele Dal Carlo (Fairbnb.coop),
  272. Samira Khan (Microsoft),
  273. (Fairbnb.coop),
  274. Federico Garcea (Treedom),
  275. Tatiana Glad (Impact Hub),
  276. Marion Verles (SustainCERT),
  277. Myriam Ines Giangiacomo (Bottega Filosofica),
  278. Veronica de la Cerda (Triciclos),
  279. Fabrice Leclerc (EPFL & Regenerative Society Foundation),
  280. Benedikt Bösel (Gut & Bösel),
  281. Audrey Hanard (Bpost Belgium),
  282. Tommaso Muré (G7/G20 Advisor, Italy’s Prime Minister Office),
  283. Zita Schellekens (WakaWaka & DSM),
  284. Jean-Nicolas Laurent Josi (Deloitte),
  285. Renske van Grinsven (NOW Partners),
  286. Shaun Russell (Skandinavisk SR ApS),
  287. Serena Guarnaschelli (KOIS Invest),
  288. Laurien Meuter (Tiny Miracles),
  289. Ottavio Palazzi (Fixico),
  290. Izabella Zwack (Zwack Unicum),
  291. Laurence Mehaignerie (Citizen Capital),
  292. Ozgul Erdemli Mutlu (Comm Sapiens),
  293. Matteo Maestri (Estrima SpA),
  294. Carola von Peinen (Talents 4 Good),
  295. Tim Eaves (Quadpack Group),
  296. Henriette de Robillard (PALO IT),
  297. Victor Viñuales (Ecological and Development Foundation),
  298. Camila Garcia Quijano (Blédina),
  299. Peter Nørgaard Dupont (The Coffee Collective),
  300. Tjebbe van Meeteren (Farm Brothers),
  1. Blanche Voorneman (&FLUENCE),
  2. Sahlan Momo (Spanda Foundation),
  3. Hannes Skugghall (Urb-it),
  4. Elsie Maio (Humanity Inc / Soul Branding Institute),
  5. Rob van den Dool (Yumeko),
  6. Clara Navarro Colomer (Ship2B),
  7. Christopher Sveen (Renasys),
  8. Blandine Surry (Loop Europe),
  9. Esben Lunde Larsen (WRI),
  10. Pablo Sanchez (B Lab Spain),
  11. Nille Skalts (The Nordics B Corp Movement & Urgent Agency),
  12. Carine de Meyere (Women of the World),
  13. Hitendra Wadhwa (Mentora Institute & Columbia Business School),
  14. Tatiana Kazakova (Leaders on Purpose),
  15. Thomas Ng (Genashtim),
  16. Katrien Buys (Grupo Ageas Portugal),
  17. Steven Braekeveldt (Grupo Ageas Portugal),
  18. Léopold Coppieters (Skysun),
  19. Frank Niederlander (BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt),
  20. Emmanuelle Bely (Danone & Entreprise-a-Mission Community),
  21. Alberto Núñez Fernández (ESADE),
  22. Charles Dufourcq (PALO IT Tech as a Force for Good),
  23. Carles Navarro Vigo (BASF Spain),
  24. Marianne Mille Bojer (REOS Partners),
  25. Cristián Saracco (Allegro 234),
  26. Valmiki Kempadoo (Terra Forma International Corp.),
  27. Peter van Deursen (Cargill),
  28. James Ede (Cargill),
  29. Michael Alberg-Seberich (Wider Sense),
  30. Derrick Feldmann (The Corporate Social Mind),
  31. Max Oliva (Impact Hub Network),
  32. Roche Elie de Brantes (ING Sustainable Finance),
  33. Anders Barsøe (Letz Sushi),
  34. Felipe Chajin (Sistema B),
  35. Arnaud Mourot (Ashoka),
  36. Alexandra Wandel (World Future Council),
  37. Oscar Mendez Rosa (soul(.)com),
  38. Grégoire Fabre (Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat),
  39. Gerhard Plasonig (GP International),
  40. Felix Keser (Nexio Projects),
  41. (Nexio Projects),
  42. Erik Holterhues (Oikocredit Nederland),
  43. Sara Alsén (Blueair – Unilever),
  44. Derek Stephenson (Strategy Matters),
  45. Andrei Rotaru (3TS Capital Partners),
  46. Henrik Taudorf Lorensen (TAKT),
  47. Omri Boral (Imagine Impact),
  48. Giovanni Facchinetti (Positive Organisations),
  49. Rene Schmidpeter (IM3TRIX),
  50. Dennis HIndsberg (Plangent A/S),
  51. Maartje Bouvy (Facilicom),
  52. Lars Lægreid (Emergence School of Leadership),
  53. Giuseppe van der Helm (Learning for Tomorrow),
  54. Daria Ofman (Better Future),
  55. Alfred Tolle (Wisdom Together),
  56. Blanche de Biolley (Planet First Partners),
  57. Pawel Swieboda (Human Brain Project),
  58. Christian de Boisredon (SparkNews),
  59. Marc de Swaan Arons (Institute for Real Growth),
  60. Benoît Beaufils (Innate Motion),
  61. Anna Gascon (Ethikos 3.0),
  62. German Cuenca (Ethikos 3.0),
  63. Cláudia Pedra (Stone Soup Consulting),
  64. Tilmann Silber (Barry Callebaut),
  65. Jenny Kitchen (Yoyo Design),
  66. Mark Gough (Capitals Coalition),
  67. Michael Boschmans (Quest Studio),
  68. Benoit Beaufils (Innate Motion),
  69. Marcelo Zamora Rojas (Gestionar),
  70. Raphaëlle Archambeaud (L’Occitane Group),
  71. Maarten van Dam (PYMWYMIC),
  72. Daniela Herrmann (Topan),
  73. Richard Hall (Danone),
  74. Leonore Palazzi-van Hövell (Saswitha Foundation),
  75. Bernhard Kowatsch (World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator),
  76. Francesca Scassellati Sforzolini (Brunswick Group),
  77. Jean-Louis Dembour (Confidential Foundation),
  78. Astrid Zevebergen-Colijn (Seven Mountains),
  79. Henrik Ehrnrooth (CLC),
  80. Ruth Calvo (L’Occitane),
  81. Nicolaj Reffstrup (GANNI A/S),
  82. Brune Poirson (Accor),
  83. Leen Zevenbergen (Been MC & B Lab Europe),
  84. Marcello Palazzi (NOW Partners & Regenerative Alliance),
  85. TBC, subject to lifting travel and COVID restrictions & agenda changes:
  86. Achim Steiner (UNDP),
  87. Petri Hofste (Fugro, Rabobank, Achmea, Nyenrode boards),
  88. Rose Marcario (ReGen Ventures, Meati & Rivian boards),
  89. Ernesto van Peborgh (RegenDesigners),
  90. Marjorie Yang (Esquel Group),
  91. Femke Bartels (THNK School of Creative Leadership),
  92. Jelmer van der Meulen (Synergie),
  93. Sofia Villax (Hovione),
  94. Jan-Joost Bosman (Royal Auping),
  95. Ellen Windemuth (Waterbear Network),
  96. Raimon Puigjaner (Roots for Sustainability),
  97. Emil Fuglsang (Matter),
  98. John van der Ent (SPAR Holding & SPAR International),
  99. Francesco Starace (ENEL),
  100. Antje Biber (FERI)
  101. Danny Almagor (B Lab Australia & New Zealand, Small Giants),
  102. Berry Lieberman (Small Giants, Dumbo Feather)
  103. Lucy Slinger (IKEA),
  104. Mark Schneiders (KIT Royal Tropical Institute / SDG House),
  105. Sophia Swire (GEDI, Gender Equity Diversity Investments),
  106. Kerem Okumus (S360),
  107. Ben Banerjee (SIIA – Swiss Impact Investment Association),
  108. Jared Meyers (Legacy Vacation Resorts, Florida for Good & B Tourism),
  109. Nathalie Moral (Clima Now),
  110. Wietse van Ransbeeck (CitizenLab),
  111. Arnaud Ventura (Gojo & Company),
  112. Kobus Nel (Fairtree),
  113. Max von Abdendroth (Philea),
  114. Florian Erber (Ananda Impact Ventures),
  115. Jonathan Normand (B Lab Switzerland),
  116. Raymond Schadeck (L’Université dans la Nature),
  117. Jan-Jaap Verhoeve (Plan A),
  118. Marleen Denef (Impact Advocaten),
  119. John Loudon (Common Foundation),
  120. Amy Bourbeau (Seismic),
  121. Alfonso Libano Daurella (Cobega SA),
  122. Paula Alzualde (SBI),
  123. Sebastian Rodriguez (Contact),
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We would love for you to join the B for Good Leaders Network.

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Our present economic system is flawed. It is guided by a short-term vision that only takes the interests of a limited number of stakeholders into account and is deaf to the call of future generations.

The annual B for Good Leaders Summit exists to accelerate the transition towards a regenerative economy creating the conditions for a shared, durable prosperity. This will create social, environmental, and economic net positive value through a new model of regenerative leadership.

As inhabitants of planet Earth, we take up this intergenerational call which demands to reframe the very meaning of leadership.

To enable this evolution, as B For Good Leaders, we commit to:

1. embrace radical interdependence, the fundamental principle governing life on Earth, as the golden rule for decision-making, leading to a regenerative impact;

2. consider at least the next generation of humans in every business decision;

3. measure what matters to integrate systemic value creation into our definition of profit;

4. challenge extractive economic models and take a stand for the common good;

5. mobilize finance as a catalyst to transform the business perspective from short-termism to long-term shared value creation.

We commit to guiding our companies and organizations to embrace a purpose-driven model that creates value for all.

Through this joint leadership statement, we lay the foundation for collective actions and alliances, clearing the path for a new regenerative economy.


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