The B for Good Leaders


Our present economic system is flawed. It is guided by a short-term vision that only takes the interests of a limited number of stakeholders into account and is deaf to the call of future generations. 

The annual B for Good Leaders Summit exists to accelerate the transition towards a regenerative economy creating the conditions for a shared, durable prosperity. This will create social, environmental, and economic net positive value through a new model of regenerative leadership. 

As inhabitants of planet Earth, we take up this intergenerational call which demands to reframe the very meaning of leadership. 

To enable this evolution, as B For Good Leaders, we commit to: 


embrace radical interdependence, the fundamental principle governing life on Earth, as the golden rule for decision-making, leading to a regenerative impact;


consider at least the next generation of humans in every business decision;


measure what matters to integrate systemic value creation into our definition of profit; 


challenge extractive economic models and take a stand for the common good; 


mobilize finance as a catalyst to transform the business perspective from short-termism to long-term shared value creation. 

We commit to guiding our companies and organizations to embrace a purpose-driven model that creates value for all. 

Through this joint leadership statement, we lay the foundation for collective actions and alliances, clearing the path for a new regenerative economy.

June 17th, 2022
Rome, Italy